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Albertville, AL, 04/27/2016 –  When it comes to replacing their lampshades, homeowners will no longer have to accept only what major retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Target have on their shelves.  Jack of All Shades LLC is announcing that they are offering RETAIL PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION of lampshades through their new and improved website: Custom Made Lamp Shades are now available as a cost effective way to replace existing lamp shades and customers get the size, color, and shape that they are looking for.  No longer are the 10 or 12 sizes showing up on the store shelves the customer’s only choice.


Currently, buying a lamp shade from a major retailer means that you must accept whatever size, shape, and color they offer on their shelves – and normally those will be manufactured in China with questionable quality and low selection!


Homeowners can now purchase CUSTOM LAMP SHADES at in the color and size and shape that they desire from an American Company.  JackOfAllShades offers round custom lamp shades, oval custom lamp shades, square custom lamp shades, rectangle custom lampshades, pendant custom lamp shades and many other shapes.  Lampshade sizes range from 4 inches for Chandelier Lamp Shades up to oversized lamp shades that are 5 and 6 feet in diameter – and every size in between!


JackOfAllShades has over 150 colors and materials available and even allows the customer send in their OWN MATERIAL to make a custom lampshade that matches a room’s exact décor.


JackOfAllShades’ retail store is on the internet at so they sell to every American homeowner coast to coast – From New York to California, from Florida to Texas.  We ship your lampshade out of Albertville, Alabama.


In addition to their custom Lampshade Manufacturing to your Specifications , JackOfAllShades also stocks an inventory of HIGH QUALITY Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades as well as the ability to repair existing Silk (Soft Backed) lampshades.


ABOUT Jack of All Shades

Jack of All Shades is an American Company based in Albertville, AL.  We began making lampshades over 27 years ago and MANY of our employees have been here since we opened.  We proudly craft each Custom Lampshade to your specifications. Lampshades – You Dream it, We Build it For more information, contact: or call us at 866-231-JACK(5225).

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PostHeaderIcon Bathtub Reglazing to Bring Old Bathroom a New Look


Actually we don’t need to remodel our bathroom only to make it looks more fashionable since we can add a fresh bathroom look by simply doing a bathtub refinishing. Remodeling the bathroom might cost a lot of money so bathtub refinishing is far more recommended since it’s much cheaper. Indeed we can ask someone to refinish our bathtub but actually it’s not really necessary because bathtub refinishing is pretty easy and simple so we can do it ourselves at home and this way we can save a lot more money.


Actually a bathtub refinishing work isn’t difficult at all since it requires only some simple steps. At first we need to cleanse the surface of the bathtub and we can do it using a certain type of chemical cleanser. What you should do next is to remove the rusted and old caulking areas on the bathtub. You can use sandpaper to sand the whole surface of the bathtub to peel and remove the old finishing of your bathroom. Wipe all surface of the bathtub and then leave it to dry. Choose the right color to paint your bathtub and make sure choosing the right type of color that match with the theme or style of your bathroom.


Before applying the paints on your bathroom make sure that you cover the drain and fixture using tape and paper. Don’t forget to wear mask when you do the whole bathtub refinishing works. You can start to paint the bathtub using a spray and make sure that you start it from the drain area. Remember to use back and forth hand movement to spray the paint evenly. After spraying the bathtub once you need to let it dry and then apply the second coat and three coats as well to add the durability of the finishing.


However if all above work isn’t just for you, then you probably want to contact those professionals of Bathtub Reglazing Atlanta from They have dedicated experts always ready to help bring a new life to your old bathroom. Contact them now and get free quotes for the service.


PostHeaderIcon Ideas For Locating Quality Household Furniture Shops

In these days’s modern day property interiors current market, it truly is typically not tough to purchase household furniture. These types of objects is often located on internet sites, at low cost outlets, and at most department shops. Even though this kind of venues provide myriad conveniences to modern families, these are also associated with many negative features, considered one of which may be the decline inside the excellent in the normal home furniture provided on right now’s current market. Quite a few people locate themselves attracted to affordable furniture that is often very easily obtained from a huge array of vendors, only to find out which the pieces have worn out very much sooner than they anticipated. Most individuals would agree that even when discount household furniture is chosen, they nonetheless think about this buy an financial commitment, and be expecting the parts they buy to very last for a acceptable quantity of time. For this purpose, a lot of house owners decide to embark with a seek to the finest household furniture stores, in which they may be confident of acquiring top quality pieces.

Choosing a Appropriate Household furniture Shop

Acquiring good quality home furniture begins with locating the finest furniture establishments with which to complete organization. A smart move when starting a person’s research is always to acquire the names of numerous reputable dealers whose companies are nicely recognized, and who have been in company for a substantial quantity of time. Immediately after this, a single really should devote some time for the activity of reading through buyer evaluations for every company. The advent of your net has produced this an incredibly easy undertaking, and with this way a single can learn the total reputation of each business just before picking out a person from which to buy furnishings. Purchaser opinions commonly incorporate feedback regarding the excellent from the items, likewise as the efficiency with the company’s customer support division.

A single really should beware of organizations that employ a structure of detrimental evaluations, especially those people that supply inadequate customer service. Most folks realize that occasionally points go unsuitable, but reputable organizations persistently resolve any problems that may perhaps arise, and subsequently have satisfied prospects. It truly is also sensible to familiarize oneself with the warranties offered by several retailers, such as the amount of money for which the customer is accountable with regard to parts and program. Generally, home furniture that is certainly bought at a drastically diminished value have to be bought “as is,” which basically signifies that one has no recourse must the item put on out inside a brief amount of time, or fail to complete as promised. Home furniture stores which might be hesitant to present warranties needs to be crossed off the checklist. The finest home furniture merchants generally supply prolonged warranty programs and are very affordable regarding exchanges or returns.

Comparison Shopping

The moment the shopper has narrowed decrease the possibilities to two or 3 quality dealers, she or he must take a look at each shop’s website to see if they carry the desired items. Specific merchants specialize in the particular style of furnishings, for instance antique, current, region or traditional. It saves time and aggravation to explore this in advance, and proceed to go to only the outlets where one is assured of acquiring the parts for which he or she is hunting.

Most household furniture shops showcase their most well-liked items on the revenue ground, and this offers a method for clients to check various parts of home furniture. Some retailers also supply laptop pics of additional pieces which they market, which could be ordered in the manufacturer. Most excessive-stop corporations make sure that their goods are completely checked by a good quality handle team, who must launch every single piece with certification. Low cost outlets almost never observe this sort of procedures, and though prospects could be able to obtain more affordable home furniture at these kinds of outlets, they will often uncover that the excellent from the home furniture is substandard.

PostHeaderIcon Properties With Undesirable Foundations Do Not Market!

You can not ought to fear about offering your property if you’ve got a poor foundation since you won’t have the ability to. People know that properties with bad foundations are to the highway to self destruction.

To obtain this checked on you might have to have an engineer as well as a contractor. They are going to help you diagnose the problem of your residence by looking at your cracks, bends and puddles after which it they’ll let you know what you can have to fix it.

The cracks and bends in your walls cause windows to become suck open or shut, they cause doors to not open or shut the many way they usually lead to your ceilings as well as your walls to swoop and bend. You also may find puddles across the perimeter of your property right after a big rain or locate cracks in your basement walls. This all is going to cause destruction and deterioration of your residence.

Your home just can’t survive with no a suitable foundation. You’re moving to own to possess it fixed in the event you want it to sell. Would you desire to purchase a residence that has a droopy ceiling or doors that will not open or close?

The importance of your household will go way along should you usually do not deal with it appropriately. This signifies that you happen to be not likely so you can get nearly as significantly cash as you may for your property and it will also choose lots more time to advertise. No person wants to purchase a house that’s moving to collapse inside the up coming handful of coming many years.

The way it transpires a good deal is usually that the soil across the house among 6 and eight toes below floor degree go by way of wet and dry cycles due to seasonal moisture and temperature alter. The drastic adjustments from the ailment of the soil make the drinking water proceed by way of the soil a lot more rapidly and in more substantial quantities than normal and can begin to crack your house. It is very little which the contractor did unsuitable on this situation, it truly is just the pure settlement in the world and your surrounding setting.

It’s essential to have your basis checked, maintained and fixed if you desire to offer your property for your decent cost or perhaps in the event you need to advertise your house in any way. Keeping your own home in very good form will aid it carry worth and within the long run enable you to out as part of your journey to sell.

PostHeaderIcon Ultraviolet Mineral water Purifiers: Sterilize the H2o to Kill Fungi, Mould, Spores, and Microbes

Ultraviolet water purifiers cleanse normal water by bombarding the h2o with UV-C rays that kill the microbes from the mineral water. We consider of filtering water to clear away contaminants and odors and tastes but that’s not what ultraviolet devices do. What they really do is sterilize the h2o instead of filter it. The UV-C rays alter the DNA from the microbes to ensure they are unable to reproduce and so they die. The kinds of microbial critters that UV signals sterilize are fungi, bacteria, viruses, along with other nasties. Filtration devices, for the other hand, filter contaminants out of the water that happen to be bigger than the holes within the filter. They get trapped by the filter and as a result taken off through the normal water. UV-C rays are also known as “germicidal UV” for this motive.

Sterilizing and filtering are two distinct methods for dealing with mineral water contaminants. And mainly because ultraviolet machines sterilize in lieu of clear away contaminants, they are greatest combined with filtration systems that bring contaminants for instance trace metals out with the water. UV would not clear away chemical compounds which include chlorine or trace metals for example calcium and magnesium from the water.

Ultraviolet drinking water purifiers have a number of advantages in excess of other methods of purifying water. Between the benefits are that they don’t introduce new chemical substances into the drinking water like entire household salt-dependent normal water softeners do. They also don’t create any organics or other byproducts. They do not adjust the style or pH or other attributes of your h2o. They don’t hurt mineral water pipes and leave deposits or produce issues on your septic subject. These are also incredibly effortless to set up and preserve which just isn’t true of all mineral water filtration units.

Ultraviolet purifiers are ideal used in total house applications considering you really are not able to put UV units at person faucets and sinks. Ultraviolet purifiers are also utilized in applications that wouldn’t readily can come to intellect including in aquariums and ponds. Pond UV filters are used to clarify drinking water (take away the eco-friendly cast) and also to eliminate the algae organisms.

Ultraviolet purifiers give good results by sending rays by way of a glass tube referred to as a flow chamber to radiate the h2o. A bit periodic upkeep is important to wipe off the glass tube to maintain crud from making up and cutting down the effectiveness from the UV-C rays. Mild bulbs are quite long-lived and uncomplicated to substitute. UV-C rays are more intense than sunlight and run at a lgt wave which the individual’s eye perceives as purple which can be how we get the “violet” in ultraviolet

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